• Controls can be found on the menu
• Shutdown = Update
• Gamepasses can be found ingame in the "Store" tab of the menu
• Please excuse the long loading time, the map is very large!
• Game is currently being recoded to run better and control better!

NOTICE: Expect bugs and glitches, this game is still in early development and we are trying our hardest to make it the best it can be. This game requires a decent computer so if it doesn't work on yours then that is why. However, we are currently working on a massive update that will greatly reduce lag!

Testing link:

Play as the many animals of the Cenozoic Era, a time period spanning from the extinction of the non-avian dinosaurs, 66 mya, to the present day. Form coalitions, explore, hunt, or even defend your village from the many dangers of the era. Maintain your hunger and thirst or perish, it is survival of the fittest in this primal world.

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