Welcome to the Anime skin shop [ROBCLO]!
Here, you can try on clothes and items, and if you like them, you can actually buy them.
Dress up in the clothes you've bought and play various games.
Get skins that resemble various characters and have fun with your friends!

✅ The operation is simple.
1.You can try on any item by pressing the E button (click) in front of the item you want.
2.When you touch an item, a purchase icon appears, so let's buy it.
⚠️ How to Equip After Purchase ⚠️
You can't equip accessories in the app if they are in the same parts category, like face item to face item, or shoulder to shoulder. Please check my YouTube channel. I explain the official method in just one minute.

❤️ If you like it, please press the Good button.

The items listed here are not official items, but a collection of items that can create a character-like effect when combined.


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