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Admin Added ! Admins: Me For admin buy the gear in my place and message me if you have it. Kill random people you hate and gain KOs ! >:D Just touch the giver 1 time ! To use this you need to do this: Ex. KOs you want: 10000 Victim: Noob13 User: DeluxePony Then press the green color near the run button. and don't forget to buy my gears ! (Tags): Myself, clone, ice, princess, blue, white, cool, DeluxePony, random, smirk, girl, decoration, copy this, orly, tmnt prize, yarly, epic face, norly, caramelldansen, Foroth, Ventus, build, pony, hot, cold, fly, awesome, whatever, pony, cinnamon, sugar, rainbow, brunette, tan, 2.0, hat giver, tool giver, nothing, something, music player, weapon, ONE THOUSAND AS OF TODAY!!!, SS black white red blue green orange purple people media film game place fight war soldier world water fire air wind victory win lol wtf rofl lmao noob uber epic 1337 leet clock work temperature rocket space flag car

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