First of all, I would like to thank gamehero for the awesome Midi Player! (The thing that makes noise/music)

Yes, this game contains free models.

If you somehow do not receive an item that has been added to this game, hit the ` key (Beside the 1 key) on your keyboard to open up the backpack, it'll be there.

Test out the new gears here! (Please note that it's boring playing this game alone.)
This game includes these gears: Swarm of Bats, Ghost Ride, Bat Burglar, Creepy Spirit Friends, and the Morblox the Terrififying's Sword! If you'd like, I wouldn't mind you buying the gears from someone else's place, because all I did was just blob some free models and then take the newest gears and add them to my game, but if you buy them from here then I really thank you!.

Tip: Try smashing some buttons for special attacks/moves whilst wielding a weapon.

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This game does not support Private Servers.


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