group: final xp update made it was increased again slightly 50% more also added ## xp gamepass and lowered the price of 2Xxp I want people to hit level cap. popo race namekian fusion and limit breaker where all discontinued in there place those that bought the passes will receive ## xp (it doesn't stack with 2x xp) to everyone saying gamepasses to expensive game is pay to win I say this I spent a lot of time making this game and it is free to play gamepasses are my only source of reward 1000 robux is only 10 dollars so it really isn't asking much with these prices Transformations Speech Commands (saiyan,frieza,namekian): (fssj), (ssj1-6), (ssjgssj1), (ssjgssj2), (ssjgssj3), (ssjbkaio), (ultra), (ssjw). (sf2), (sf3), (sff), (sgf). (snj1), (snj2), (snj3), (snj4), (snjg). due to censoring I cant say that after ssj6 the next command is ssjg1

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