This game is an obby made for the entertaining YouTuber, Denis also previously known as Denis Daily. This obby was originally made four years ago, released three years ago, and then it was updated in 2020.

Play until you reach the final stage and earn yourself a special badge that you can show off to your friends!

- 🎉 The game has been completely revamped from scratch and it should now be a flawless experience to play the game!
- 🌍 Guaranteed that the stages are unique in each server!
- 🌈 Revamped lightning, so everything looks more pretty than before!
- 🌟 New UI and the purchases are instant!
- ⚑️ Stages have been decreased in difficulty. This will make sure that your gameplay experience will be easier, faster, and more fun!

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Lead Developer - @RealTwoEight

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