- AREA 51-
  * AI optimizations and bug fixes.
  +Added reload, firing animations and reload sounds for all guns.
  +Added ragdoll to most enemies and players, which will fade 
  away after some time.
  +R6 is back.
  *Shotguns now load shell one by one, and reload can be interrupted by firing.
  *Optimized AI and increased their spawn count.
  *Fixed slender realm soldires and slenderman.
  *Misc. bug fixes

Old Changelog:
*Dual-wield guns!
*New guns: S&W .500,  FAMAS, H&K CAWS, AR-15 Double Barrel, AF2011, M202 Flash
*MP5 and MP7 moved to secondary slot
*Reworked CI juggernaut.
*Guns now use their real names

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