I did an entire rewrite of this after 0.3.5. All of the current libraries have been ported to work with the new version.

What is Fusion for? The whole purpose of this is not only to make my future game development easier, but also to push the limits of Roblox's engine.

Press "Tab" to pause/resume the game.
Press "E" to grab/interact with objects.
Press the number keys to switch gears.

Logs (After 0.3.5):
-Ported all previous libraries to the new framework. Any external libraries are now labeled with an extension ".flb" to differentiate from core libraries.
-Fixed all previous memory leaks and improved the runtime performance (Literally improved performance by 2x).
-Fixed interference bug in the stdio library.
-Improved the import method in the efm library.
-Implemented environmental values, such as app (self), and lib (self).
-Added wrapper functions for thread:import() and thread.runtime:wait() Now you can just use import() and wait()

-The crowbar was create

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