ღฬєlc๏me t๏ Isคbєllค's miภigคmє's P๏๏l คdєdღ 
ђคvє 5 ฬins Grєคt ฬant mє t๏ takє cคrє? P-m mє.
Tђis is ภ๏ c๏py 
Tђis is ๏riginal mคdє by Isคbєllค.
ღrulєs arє vєry simplє to f๏ll๏ฬ if Y๏u d๏ not f๏ll๏ฬ thคn Y๏u ฬill be kicked.ღ
ღGคmes Iภcluєdღ
~Sharks and Minnows
~4 Corners
~Simon Says
~True or False
~Musical Chairs
~Sword Fight
~Spike Jump
~Noob Infection
~Choose Your Fate (Not Pictured)
~Red Light Green Light 
~Water Obby 
~Hot Potato (Not Pictured)
~Hide N Seek (Not Pictured)
~Cages of Peril (Not Pictured)
~Caltrops Drop (Not Pictured)
~Laser Tag (Not Pictured)
~DO YOU EVEN LIFT BRO?! (Not Pictured) 
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