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Welcome to Knife Capsules, a brand new assassin-style game by RedManta LLC (Formerly Abstract Shark). Featuring never-before-seen knives, features, and mechanics! 

Update 1.5.10 June 3 - Added some exploit-related patches. 

Update 15.5.9 Feb 25 - Fixed a few item icons - Can now search by fused item in the trade menu - Other minor bug patches 

Update 15.5.8 Feb 18 - Made aiming at players near ledges easier - Can now search for items by what they are fused to. 

Update 15.5.7 Feb 17 - Fixed bug with effects on scythes not appearing - Fixed bug with knives not sticking into players 

Update 15.5.6 Feb 15 - Added new map - Added Prismatic Knife vendor 

Update 1.5.5 Feb 10 - New gamepass: Valentine's Deluxe Pack - New gamepass: Valentine's Candy Pack
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