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Welcome to the original Roblox's Got Talent, the biggest and most popular talent show on Roblox.

16 NEW Stages:
   Lolipop Jumps,
   Ring of Fire,
   Volcanic Venture,
   Pesadilla Jumps,
   Winter Jumps,
   Spy/Laser Obby,
   Wall Jumps v2,
   Black Obby,
   Construction Obby,
   Loose Jumps,
   Stage Jumps,
   Treasure Expedition,
   Acid Escape,
   Rope Walking,
   Millimeter Jumps,
   Yellow Jumps

Thanks to the Dev Team; Flxurry, Prqcious, & o5ls

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Roblox's Got Talent has been around ever since the October of 2009, and has been going ever since.

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