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NEW! We just added a Winter Wanderland adventure that will have you thinking “There’s Snowplace like Tims®.”  
Step into a holiday world for a mission like no other - inside a snow globe that’s totally shaken up! Gift boxes full of golden beans and holiday basket items for special delivery are scattered all over. Find your way through snow-covered forests, ice mazes, and the dark and mysterious caves of Peppermint Peak to collect them all and save the holiday season for the people of Tims Town!
🎁 Find gift boxes to collect golden beans and redeem for power-ups
🎄 Collect missing holiday basket items 
❄️ Stop for some target practice at the snowball range
🏆 Soar to new heights by completing all 3 deliveries
🛍 Redeem for exclusive in-game wearables, items & merch in the Timshop®
🏪 Hit the Roblox store for official Tims® holiday accessories

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