Welcome to Defender's Depot 2, build towers and traps to defend from waves of enemies in an epic new tower defense game!

Update V1.35
-2 New Rebirth Items!
-Use code : "dungsoon"

Update V1.34
-New Rebirth Item!
-Shinify gamepass!
-Dungeons releasing soon!
-bug fixes
-Use code: "C0D3"

✨Update V1.33
-Legendary shiny tower skins!
-Shiny Overseer tower
-Use code "sparkleTime"

⚔️Use towers and traps to defeat waves of enemies
⬆️Upgrade your defenses to unlock new abilities
💥Defeat challenging enemies and hardcore bosses
✨Rebirth to unlock LEGENDARY towers 
🔨Strategically forge your path to victory
🕹️Compete against or with friends

💎Join the group for +100 gems!💎


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