Everything is not official in this game!
This game mostly updates on the weekends. If you are struggling, please find a recent video that guides you on this! If any respective owners of an asset see this and don't want it in game, please tell me on my server.

LSPLASH + Redibles: DOORS 👁️
Fragment Games: Rainbow Friends 🌈
Enzso: Chase Scene Assets 🛠️
punkett: Night 3 Rainbow Friends OST 🎙️
Manel Navola + Crazyblox: Ending OST / Lab OST 🎵
Waterflame: Running from Demons (Chase Scene OST) 🎶
DM DOKURO: Door 150 OST, Lobby OSTS 🔊
Gx15Z: Guiding Light OST 🔉
TRAYN$: Doors Floor 2 Elevator Song 🛗
mekbok: 1st Chase Scene Song 👟
Axperifin: Hub of Dreams Name Idea 🏷️
robinn: Making some rooms for the game 🏗️
cris65501: Art 🖼️

Doors, Rainbow, Entrances, DOORS, Floor 2, Rainbow Friends, DOORS, FRAGMENT


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