⚔️ 60+ Different Weapons!
🛡️ 40+ Different Armors
👿 OVER 80 Different Enemies/Objects to destroy!
✨ 20+ Different Backpacks/Boots/Hats to equip on your character!

👍 Likes are heavily appreciated 👍

🐰 Easter Event!

📋 Scavenger Hunt - find all easter eggs around the map for reward!
🐇 Complete Quests from Sir Bunny to travel to Chocolate Island!
🌸 Complete Daily quests from Ms. Bunny to earn exclusive rewards!
🥚 New Soldiers - Egg Throwers!
🥕 New Skill!
🌳 New Zone!
😈 New Enemies!
🗡️ New Weapons!
🛡️ New Armors!
🐛 Bug fixes and improvements!

Welcome to Control Army! Collect resources and refine them at your base to get gold! Use your gold to buy new soldiers, weapons and armor for your troops to help you along your adventure!

Code: Release
(There are also codes hidden around a map!)

🛑Report bugs in communications server!🛑


There are currently no running experiences.