Welcome to ShimmerVille! ✨ 

Roleplay, raise a pet, get a job, buy a house, and explore the world with your friends!

💝  The V-Day update is Here!
🐻 Help Cupid on his quest to send everyone a heart!
💞  See if you can earn the exclusive V-Day reward
💘 This Event is for a LIMITED Time Only, Good Luck! 
⭐ Like the Game for Exclusive Rewards! ⭐ 

🐶 Adopt, Raise and Collect a Variety of Cute Pets!
🏡 Buy and Decorate Your Dream Home!
🚴 Hop into Your Dream Vehicle and Explore!
☕ Work a Shift as a Barista at the Café!
✂️ Grab Some Scissors and Style Hair at the Salon!
🌎 Explore the City of ShimmerVille to Discover all its Secrets!
💜Hang out at the mall with your BFF!
🕶️Style your Avatar and Pets in Outfits you Love!✨Chill at the Pet Park with your Pet!


There are currently no running experiences.