Welcome to the strange world of Cat Piece uncover secrets train to become the strongest of all time in the world and also experience intense battle new friendship and experience insane one piece gameplay with cat piece...

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LEFT CTRL - Sprint
Double Space - Geppo

Cat Piece All Fruits Currently:
Cold, Bomb, Barrier, Love, Smoke, Chainsawman, Spiderman, Portal, Ope, Admin-Admin, Dough, Dragon, Flame, Rumble, Gum, Light, Magma, Paw, Quake, Snow, Phoenix, Venom, Sound, Shadow, Sand, Gravity, Revive

Random Fruits Will Spawn Somewhere On Every Island It Might Be Under A Tree You Have To Look Around...
Fruits will spawn every 10 minutes if you have a Notifier it will notify the island where the fruit was spawned and will despawn in 7 minutes.
You CAN get fruits by drops or doing dungeons or you can spin one you can also find random fruits around the map...

More infos in communication server.


There are currently no running experiences.