The Vaktovian Sparring Arena is an all purpose combative facility aimed at strengthening, honing and refining Vaktovian fighting ability. After various attempts and many iterations, these high tech simulations allow all Vaktovian personnel to practice a multitude of aggressive and defensive maneuvers with all manner of firearms, with limited risk to life. As an incentive to further increase their fervor, titles were commissioned by the Emperor in order to reward the truest of Vaktovians.

[Sparring Ranks] 

Titan = 2000 Kills
Slayer = 1250 Kills
Assassin = 750 Kills
Elite = 500 Kills 
Headhunter = 350 Kills
Ravager = 200 Kills
Hellion = 75 Kills
Brawler= 25 Kills 
Newblood = 0 Kills

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