Welcome to Slime Mine! Here, you'll adopt your first slime and embark on a quest to become the world's leading miner. The adventure involves mining rare ores and collecting unique slimes, as you and your friends strive for the top. With each milestone, you'll unlock portals, revealing more elusive slimes, enriching your journey through this vibrant mining world.

⛏️Mine for rare ores!
✨Unlock more rare slimes in portals!
⛏Smelt & Craft Ores into better loot! (Coming Soon)
🏚Build amazing structures (Coming Soon)
🧙‍♂️Complete cool quests (Coming Soon)
🔥Discover Unique Slime Powers & Skills (Coming Soon)
❓Discover the secret of Slimera

Let us know of any bugs / issues! Tell us any feedback or bugs that you find!

🤜🤛Group Members get 25% More Zone Rewards!

👍NEW Code at 40K votes! 👍 ( Current Code: _twenty_)


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