This is not endorsed by Wingman8. Nor is any other copy of AP. If someone claims they're a friend of Wingman and their version was authorized by him, they're lying. He would have them added as a friend or endorse their version on his profile. This is the only fully functional version with the memory leak fixed. 
Reminder that Wingman's other game Galleons is still open.
——————— UPDATE LOG ——————— 
9/10: Jump stamina is much more forgiving, made tanks easier to get out of
9/13: Improved M109, BTR, and V150 damage model. Chassis on BTR and V150 are now destructible. Fixed vehicles falling through the ground on spawn sometimes
9/15: Upgraded leopard. Fixed Sherman and Elephant health issues. Attempted to fix Jagdtiger steering sometimes jamming
VIP servers only grant infinite points.
Current bugs: tanks rarely disappear, crates don't always explode, anti cheat false positives with passenger seat


There are currently no running experiences.