NOTE: Due to a massive game bug, Class 4 will be turned off for the time being

The Backrooms is a uncomfortable place filled with reality-breaking areas and unusual entities. However, you must defend those trapped within from an unknown force that drives most entities into killing our kind. Team up with others like you to face varying threats each unique in their own way. 

Join the group for +125 Starting Cash!/about  

Halloween Update!!

New Halloween themed Lobby

New Tower
The awakened form of the survivor.
Rarity: Legendary
Type: Melee (all levels)

⚠️ Game is still working in progress, expect Bugs. ⚠️ 
🖥️ Platforms supported - PC and Mobile 

die4toast - Scripter, Modeler, Builder, Artist, GFX, UI Designer, Animator 
Most Ingame Music - Dapper Husky 
Level 1 + Boss Music - AwesomePlace


There are currently no running experiences.