Good News! Jesus is alive!

In the beginning, God made everything perfect without death of any kind, and he made Adam and Eve to enjoy fellowship with him, however, they chose to rebel against him, and that is called sin and the penalty for sin is death. 

So, God the Father out of his great love chose to send his only Son Jesus, to die and bear the death penalty for our sins, and by the power of God's Holy Spirit, Jesus was raised from the dead! Now all who believe in Jesus have the right to become children of God!

What must we do to be saved? (Read Acts 2:38 Acts 19:1-7 Luke 11:5-13) 

Let me help you repent, ask "Father God, forgive and cleanse me from my lifestyle of sinning by the precious blood of Jesus Christ, create in me a clean heart that hates sin and adores you! Save me from my sins! Fill and baptize me with your Holy Spirit! Thank you!

In the Holy Bible read the Gospel of John to learn about Jesus and the book of Acts to learn how to follow Jesus!

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