-> Permadeath is a part of Xeno Online 3, you can lose your progress from dying. It is a fundamental feature. <-

Xeno online 3 is a complete remaster/overhaul of Xeno online 2, renewing the entire game as a fresh slate while keeping base xeno online mechanics, fight, lose or win and gain strength every fight, create factions, conquer planets, fight bosses, discover secret areas and become the strongest!

Developed by: BanditTaquito, Turbomancer, shurav_v, rip_ciro 

Contributions from: Vurdith - (UI), Fajuro - (Buildings),  Kogrin - (Art), M_aatheus - (Programmer),  Kuriyxmi - (Programmer) JusMighty - (Faces), Karmacitaa (Building), PinkSerenityy (Building), TheSinfulGoat (Animations), 

Thank you Dragon Universe for the inspiration


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