-closed for hibernation- [LORE] The Swampy Moon Outpost, also known as Outpost Pyro was named after former General, Pyro ### ##### the architect of the Outpost. Used by the Empire for almost three long years. [RULES] 1. FPS throttling at this Outpost will result in you being removed from the server. 2. Raiders/Vaktovians caught doing any glitches whatsoever will be removed from the server. 3. Exploiting will get you removed it should be recorded/screenshot and sent to a high rank. 4. Spawn-killing is strictly prohibited. 5. Uniform raiding is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban. 6. Under no circumstances are raiders allowed inside of the base, UNLESS a GENERAL + says otherwise. [TO WIN] To win, raiders must hold the terminal located in the hangar for thirty minutes.Once raiders have achieved victory, you *MUST* take a screenshot of the victory confirmation, and victory code or else the raid will be invalid.


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