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VIP: (SHUTDOWNS MEAN UPDATES!!!) Say save/ to save your tools and load/ to load your tools. Talk to Anna and she'll guide you to your first sword. Long ago there were several Kings, Sithion, Kyrothius, and The Crystal Shards. Kyrothius devoured the Land of Sithion and spawned his minions all around the planet. Sithion tried to reason with Kyrothius with peace and harmony, but Kyrothius striked back with violence and destruction. So Sithion and the kings began to craft a magic seal while Sithion secretly used the Crystal Shards to make a super weapon known as The Crystal Sword. After several long years of fierce battling and destruction, Sithion and the Kings had used the seal to seal Kyrothius into the Earth's Core for 10,000 years. Now in the future, it is the 10,000 Anniversary for when Sithion and the Kings sealed Kyrothius into the Earth. And now he's back to destroy the Earth once more. And it's your d

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