Freeze opponents with the freeze ray, melt your teammates with the torach. Freeze all your opponents to win!

Ottoworld is a collection of fun minigames where you can learn different science topics while customising your own tents. Play and compete in fun challenges with your friends, and become the smartest in Ottoworld!

🎮 Cool educational minigames about different science topics
⚔️ Be part of 🦈 Blue Sharks or 🐯 Red Tigers and help your team to be at the top
🏕️ Buy different furnitures and customise your own tent
🏅 Be the best in your team

🛑This is an ALPHA game that will be fixed and will have updates with new content such as new minigames, tent furnitures and many more in the future! Look out for future updates.

Please let us know if there are any bugs in the game! 

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There are currently no running experiences.