🌈 Make a Wish is a sandbox game where you can wish for a variety of things such as objects, vehicles, weapons and more, using the chat!

⭐ Stars shoot down from the sky allowing you to get more wishes! However you have to be the first one to get one!

✨ Consider liking and favoriting the game for more updates, also join the group for a 2X boost when collecting stars, with an additional in-game tag!

🪄 Private server owners get additional commands to control the game, such as gravity, infinite wishes and more!


🌱 Assets & UI: @Cupiful (Roblox) 
📃 Programming: @Fursado (Roblox) 
🎨 Thumbnail Designer: @Yaxxzo (Roblox)
🎈 Animator: @intowayss (Roblox)
🎵 Music Producer: @AugmentMusic (Roblox) 


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