⚠️ IMPORTANT: When rejoining, make sure to reset to go back to your stage. ALSO, If you heard the "Ding" sound, you've progressed a stage. If you didn't hear it, you might've missed one!

⚠️ NEW UPDATES: There's a new system where you can reset your stage! After getting 10 rebirths, you can reset your stages to also get on the reset leaderboard.

CHECK OUT: Wrap-Around Stud Jumps Obby!

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Server sizes have been updated to 50 players. Enjoy!

Welcome to Stud Jumps Obby! In this game, you try to reach the top of these challenging walls, trying to get on leaderboards!

⭐ Update 2.5 Has come out with A remodeled stage system, a new rebirth system, and much more!

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