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Cone here to ask for trades on the roblox site, it isn't much but at least it's something for trader's. 

Note: the player limit is low since there are "trading booths" as we call them that can hold 2 players in each booth and seats that hold 3 users per seat otherwise the game would be crowded, we will soon create more booths to allow more players in per server.

Gamepasses/dev products : we will soon be adding a private trading area for users to be able to 1 on 1 trade without all the other chaos in the game, you could rent a room by buying a product or you can buy a room by buying a gamepass.

More updates: we have alot more planned for this game than what's currently in the game at the moment.

Private Servers


This game does not support Private Servers.


    There are currently no running games.