BETA 4 (0.4.55)

+ When the aircraft initially spawns, the set waypoint is now the one specified at the beginning of the flight plan, regardless of the spawn location
+ Users can now temporarily override the autopilot's set speed and altitude while in NAV mode by selecting the associated text field and pushing Enter
+ Autopilot and navigation code now executes at the same rate as that of the physics code
+ Fixed a glitch that could cause a logarithm-of-0 error while generating wind directions if the right conditions were met
+ Fixed a glitch that could lead to severe, exponentially-growing oscillations in altitude during glideslope capture
+ Fixed a glitch that could lead to severe throttle fluctuations while autothrottle was engaged
+ Addressed an issue that causes format checks to randomly fail on packets sent for replication
+ Addressed an issue that causes the main menu music to begin playing unexpectedly

Full update logs are available in Community Server.

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