First release. Development of "the goods" starts now.
This is a Beta Release... Not a final copy.

Since this is a Beta, glitches are expected! You've been warned!

To return to the menu, Click on the "<" near the right side of the screen and click respawn.
Green cursor = Controlling enabled
Red cursor = Controlling disabled

! Not many new visual things in this update. Its mostly internal.
+ Clicking outside of the window no longer enabled aircraft control.
+ A message displays when you unfocus and refocus the window.
+ Some stats for your current flight now display on the sidebar ("<").
+ There's now a "BACK" button for selecting your aircraft (on the bottom-right)
+ Aircraft model is previewed before confirming your selection (its suppose to display the livery on the aircraft, but that doesn't happen now).
+ Minor UI changes and bug fixes.

What to expect in the nest release (0.2.0):
- At this point, I'd consider this as a complete rewrite of the game
- 3D 

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This game does not support Private Servers.

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