👊 You are the strongest commander! Lead your soldiers to kill enemies!
🚁Enormous different maps, guns, soldiers, tanks, planes......

🎟 Upgrade your soldiers with silver nameplates! 
💪Strengthen yourself with gold nameplates!

👑 Come on!! Capture the opposite base!!! Conquer the world!!!
Update 1.1.4  New Weapon
-   Stage 13 open!❗
-   Bomber coming!
-   Fixed known bugs

To celebrate our new game coming out, code for everyone: "welcomehotpot"
- Find bugs? Join Discord and tell us!!

- Previous Codes at Discord
- 7000 Likes Code:tobosrzm
The next codes come when 10k Likes

🍀Inspired by Army Commander
💖Newcomers to Discord can contact the manager for another code. ✌


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