Welcome to your average roblox airsoft experience. (This game is still a  work in progress and we would love your suggestions.) If the game is ever shutdown, that means the game has been updated. 

W,A,S,D - Move around
E,Q - Lean left and right
F - Prime weapon (Useless ATM)
C - Crouch
X - Uncrouch
V - Change weapon fire modes (Note some weapons are just semi or auto.)
M - Changes FOV of ADS and more. (Makes your screen blurry while in it)
Slide- Sprint then hold C 
L - Laser (Only on some weapons)

How To Start
To get started first go to the select team and join the team you want to play on. Next, once in the team area, go to a weapon crate to select a primary and secondary. Finally, go out and have fun. 

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