Welcome to the NEW Longest Obby in Roblox! There's now 100 NEW OBSTACLES, making this ### ### long. Woah. Can we take a moment to acknowledge the fact that: This game is mine. I made it. I previously uncopylocked it. Anyone else who has a game like this copied it from me. Okay. Cool. The game has been completely redone. New Lobby, Winners, everything. Every single obstacle has been tested and fixed, meaning the game is 100% possible. Enough of the rambling, here are the updates. New Placement - No more stacking obstacles on each other (phew!) No WOs - If you fall, or touch lava, you're automatically teleported back to your checkpoint. No more dying = more time to play. Legit Auto-Save - Just like that. Your CP is saved instantaneously. Spectating Mode - Watch your friends play. Mini-Games - Separate obstacles which will let you get more Skips (Coming Soon) More Obstacles - (Coming soon) HUGE thanks to fireblade2 for helping me out with this. He also has admin in the

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