🚗🚗🏁 SpeeZ Racer 🏁🚗🚗
Race on three beautiful tracks against your friends and compete to get first place.
Use items to slow down other players or boost yourself towards the goal!

💪 Manage your own personal lab on the Samsung Space Station.
💎 Gather resources in beautiful alien environments
🌈 Make colorful Samsung products in your lab
💸 Sell products to earn money and use it to upgrade your gear
⭐ Compete with other players to become The Space Station Manager

Have you heard of the rumor that aliens are Samsung's good old friend? Long ago, an alien crash-landed on Earth near Samsung Office, and that's how we became friends.👽🤝 So they returned and built Samsung Space Station somewhere in the Galaxy and now they need some help! Why don't we visit SAMSUNG SPACE TYCOON to help them?

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