Sonic Eclipse Online's Early Access Phase [Currently in Alpha]
Sonic Eclipse Online is an ambitious project made by longtime followers of the Sonic Series hoping to return to the glory of the Sonic Adventure Formula. You'll get sneak-peaks of content coming for the story and see our previous builds by getting early access.

Want to test our physics sandbox for the main game? Go here:

Supporting us now will get you the following:
- Early Access to Chapter 1 of the campaign a week before release
- Early Access to Super Forms without having to complete the campaign (in the Simulator and newer builds)
- Early Access to our Soundtrack
- Access to one of the various hub worlds you'll be able to visit in the campaign
- Access to all previous and current builds of the main engine
- Access to Chao Karate demonstration
- Classic Arcade Mode (Side-scroller platformer based on the original games)

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