Sonic Eclipse Online's Alpha Phase
SEO is an ambitious project made by hardcore followers of the Sonic Series tired of how Sonic The Hedgehog's games have been for the last decade. Returning to the former glory of the Adventure Formula, SEO delivers in ways most Adventure-like fangames wish they could.

Want to test our physics demo for the maingame?
Go here:

Supporting us now will get you the following:
- Access Classic Arcade Mode (Equivalent of Classic Sonic from Generations, but with actual good physics)
- Unlock an early look at our original Soundtrack
- Access to all previous and current builds of the main engine
- Access to one of the various hubs you'll be able to visit in the campaign
- Access to Chao Karate build
- Access to Chapter 1 of the campaign a week prior to release
- Unlock Super Sonic in the Sonic Simulator (Work in Progress)
- Unlock various cosmetics that'll be available in the campaign

Private Servers


This game does not support Private Servers.

Game Passes

    There are currently no running games.