Become the strongest by defeating strong enemies, completing quests, and training with friends!

Thanks for 16k likes! Use code "16klikesty" for two hours of x2 EXP and 600Tokens.
Trading UPDATE! Use code "TRADING" for two hours of x2 EXP and 750Tokens.

Next code at 17k likes.
Weekend boost: x2 Drop Rates, x2 Yen, 30% more Experience.

Current classes in the game:
Cyborg, Metal Bat, Lightning Max, Martial Artist, Ninja, Esper, Beros, Blast, and Superhuman


Find trainers around the map or summon one to unlock new classes

Trainers spawn around the map every hour

Talk to the Trainer Summon NPC to spin for a random class

PC Controls:
[F] - Block
[E] - Interact
[M] - Menu
[N] - Map
[Q + WASD] - Dash
[CTRL] - Sprint Toggle


There are currently no running experiences.