12/25/2017: Social features | Pets! | Air Mage! | Christmas boxes! | Winter theme

11/25/2017: Graphics settings, performance updates, mobile input improvements

11/18/2017: Daily rewards | Leveling rewards | Alpha tester rewards | Runner checkpoints | Wizard win condition changed to killing 75% of runners | Low graphics settings improvements | Gamepad navigation

Beta release is out! Archmage is now 100% FREE! Expect bugs and upcoming content!

Become a powerful Wizard and defeat the runners with powerful spells before they reach your tower! Collect staves and trails to show off to your friends!

Alpha rewards coming in the next update for paid testers.. thank you!

Our Twitters-
Dev- @imaginaerume
Designer- @injanity
3D Artist- @kegstrude
Sound Design- @Ritzhu_
Music - @Director_1406


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