Easier fort to raid, if looking for a challenge head to Skyscraper Alley.
The last drop of oil has been used. While the world starts to devolve into madness Wasteland Ravagers were on contract with a corporation and we were tasked with protecting a skyscraper in The Valley before everything fell into dismay. As the lands turn lawless groups of people have banded together to try and take over this skyscraper as their own territory in a world gone mad. It is up to us to protect the skyscraper at all costs while the banded hostiles try to claim the skyscraper as their own

|- RULES -| No preflooding the server, warn a Officer or higher 20 minutes before you raid; No excessive spawn camping, you will be kicked, then banned No Spawnkilling. Defending side must have at least 8.  Raiders can't have more then 10. You have an 40 minutes to capture the term to 900 seconds or it ends in a win for spade. There is no overtime unless you are at 800 seconds or higher

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