III - The adventures of the crystal orbs.


Progress: 1%. Orbs: 6 Stars: 0 - (Note to self) Stars will be added at the end. Crystal Orbs/Bosses: 0 Bonus areas: 0 This is my third, and probably best, adventure map I've made/been making so far. The other two being Super ROBLOX Galaxy, probably my second best, and the treasure hunt I made back in my early days, which isn't that good. As you can see from the stats, there will be two things you have to collect. Orbs and stars. These will be used to enter new areas. The stars are going to be hidden throughout the map, and if you collect them all, you get to enter the unknown land, however you will also need all the orbs to get the last star! Search in every spot, as there is no clue to how many are in each world. Bosses will give you "CrystalOrbs" once you defeat them. Collect all of them to access the final boss! I haven't really seen adventure maps that give you 3 or more things you have to collect, so I decided to make this one defferent.

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