Remastered/Alternative Version: You may also like: -->If you have any suggestions send me a message. <-- 25/04/2016 Updated: -Zone unlock gui -Rebalance -Gold Price Lowered! (100 Gold for 9 Robux!) 24/04/2016 Updated: -Auto Save! -Some Map Changes 20/04/2016 Updated: -Added Music Player -More Gold and Exp 04/11/2016 Updated! -PVP MODE -3 BOSS! -Multiple floors with different difficulty -NO P2W! ____CLICK SAVE TO SAVE GAME____ Creeper,Bowser,Kirby,Mario Steve,Link,Zelda,Brawl,iron, Miencraft,Mineblox,Mobs,Zombie,Koopa,Survive,JustinBieber,noob, cool,Epic,Sword,Luigi,Orange,R.U.N,Uncopylocked,Copylocked, skate, roblox, Plane Crash, Tycoon, Town of robloxia,RolePlay, ######### Crash,Castle Life,Slenderman,slender,Catalog,Heaven, Creeper survival,Creepers,Zombies,zombie,skeleton,Easter, Gear,naruto,goku,murder


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