From parking lots to the Backrooms, you'll need to escape while having danger on your back. Avoid these goofy creatures and see the light of day again.
This game is a reference to all of the moments captured with Nextbot mods in GMod.

!DISCLAIMER! Goofy Runners and Nico's Nextbots are NOT the same, so no copying was involved!

❗️Update Log❗️:

- F for Flashlight
- T to unlock mouse.
- SHIFT to slide.
- CONSOLE: 'B' to Slide

Game Design: bugfaart
Scripting and Marketing: Bulderme

🚨NOTE: This game is still in it's early stages so expect minor bugs🚨

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TAGS: Backrooms, Goofy, Horror, Chase, Funny, Scary, Dark, Silly, GMod, Garry's Mod, Nextbots, bots, Next bots


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