Roblox & Warner Bros. Present

In The Heights Block Party

June 4 - 20

Virtual Experience | In the Heights

You're Invited

It’s the virtual block party event of the year! Inspired by the much-anticipated film In the Heights, we’re kicking off the summer with a high-energy celebration of culture and identity on Roblox. Everyone’s invited to cut loose, share good vibes, and chase after their dreams—as one united community. Come join us, and together we can help build a positive and inclusive world for all.

make some noise

Explore the vibrant New York City neighborhood of Washington Heights in true Roblox fashion. Interact with the characters from In the Heights, check out an exclusive Q&A with the film’s cast members, dance in the streets with your fellow Robloxians, and so much more.

Schedule | In the Heights

event schedule

Thursday, June 10 @ 10 AM PDT

Lights out event
Q&A viewing party
Exclusive clip from In the Heights

Friday, June 11 @ 10 AM PDT, 6 PM PDT

Virtual Flash Mob Event

exclusive merch

express yourself

Grab these free emotes from the experience and show off your moves across the metaverse.

Video | In The Heights