All the sounds I have uploaded are free to use.

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  • [Ace] Air Combat Enlisted

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  • StyLiS Studios

    StyLiS Studios featuring litozinnamon, shaylan007, AxisAngles, and Buddyism ______________________ Mission: Our goal is to push ROBLOX to it's limit by creating content that the ROBLOX community can enjoy Social Media: Game:

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  • United Rail

    United Rail is an elite and beginner builders group for people building on 8 stud rail. This company is run by a board. rules are based off of agreement and rankings are also based off of agreement, making it fair. we ARE NOT competition to nxtransit. the track gauge is not owned by them so don't assume we stole it if you know a little. we're hoping to advance our technology soon. feel free to message me, a CEOs, or Chief Executives for any information, we'll be glad to have you in the group. ________________________________________ You will start out as Fans/Guest but if u want to move up a rank to Builders or Learning Diesel you will need to PM ME (HellNeko) which one you want. If you want to be a builder i will need to see what you can build by your self with no free models use and if you're wanting to be a learning you'll be test in a place to see if we can trust you with drive the trains. DON'T ASK ABOUT HOW TO RANK UP MOST RANK UP WILL BE DONE WITH TESTS.

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  • [UP] Union Pacific

    Welcome to the Union Pacific Railroad! We're a train building group, so we only accept people who can build good trains. Do not join this group if you don't have anything to prove that you can make a decent train model or something else train related. Fail to meet this joining requirement and you'll be declined from joining the group. You'll be ranked up by proving you can make your train models better and have the integrity to improve your train or layout building skills. In this group, we are not like other train groups, so we do not do training or role playing at all. Good luck on getting to be accepted on the one great big rolling railroad!

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