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  • Atlantic Baseball League [ABL]

    The classic league is back! The Atlantic Baseball League is glad to bring back the good ol' baseball! Please join us and play our national pastime, our way. Website: http://ablr0bl0x.w33bly.c0m/ Teams: 1. Annapolis Knights - Sylori (C), DylanWhiteRCL, SuperSaiyan678, Cena54John, skylinejames [Home Stadium: Harbor Coast Stadium] 2. Atlantic City Blackjacks - shadow4x4x4 (C), SuperCamShiftedEm, HubHelms, AlejandroJugo [Home Stadium: Empire Field @ Jersey Gardens] 3. Dover Diamonds - LuckyRawlings1234, Tebrynj, N3wera, [Home Stadium: Mason-Dixon Ballpark] 4. Reading Clippers - jeffgordon2488, TheNoobyDoctor, sniperdiper13, [Home Stadium: Mason-Dixon Ballpark] 5. Riverhead Islanders - wwerockz3 (C), immuiba, NYShad, Duncxn, [Home Stadium: Empire Field @ Jersey Gardens] 6. Virginia Beach Tides - randyorton626 (C), CoreyKamamoto, StanGoobEm, TigerDubya, JoeThrowEm, Chopazzz, hockeyhero123 [Home Stadium: Harbor Coast Stadium]

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  • Dark Side Federation [DSF]

    This is the official DSF group! Follow us through here to catch the latest news, next dates for shows, and everything in between! Join the #DSFArmy! Next Show: TBD Champions: DSF World Heavyweight Champion - N/A [Prestige - 0/5] DSF Champion - N/A [Prestige - 0/5] DSF Intercontinental Champion - N/A [Prestige - 0/5] DSF Television Champion - N/A [Prestige - 0/5] DSF Light Heavyweight Champion - N/A [Prestige - 0/5] DSF European Champion - N/A [Prestige - 0/5] DSF World Tag Team Champions - N/A [Prestige - 0/5] DSF :D Champion - N/A [Prestige - 0/5]

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  • [MWA] Midwest Wrestling Alliance

    Created by Randyorton626 MWA is a RP wrestling fed, or more known as "Ro-Entertainment" you can create your own gimmick, you have mostly all creativity in your theme, entrance, moves, etc. **OPEN TO IDEAS IF YOU AND THE OTHER(S) AGREE ON IT** Schedule: Wednesdays/Saturdays 7:10 EST STARTING GUIDE/HANDBOOK: [http://www.roblox.com/Forum/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=156631617] [CHAMPIONSHIPS] - MWA Championship - El Chap earned 10/17/2015 [Defenses: 1] - MWA TV Championship - Alex Anarchy earned 8/23/2015 [Defenses: 4] - MWA US Championship - Scotto Columbo earned 9/26/2015 [Defenses: 2] - MWA Tag Team Championships - Vacated [Defenses: ] Rumble Winner: Herm Cena

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  • [RFL] Roblox Football League

    {July 7th 2013 - August 30th 2015} 784 days! Final League Message: http://www.roblox.com/Forum/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=172863708 Total & Final League History: http://www.roblox.com/Forum/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=152951080 Final Bloxxer Bowl Champions: BBI Champions: Seattle 69ers (5-3) BBII Champions: Rochester Rapids (6-2) BBIII Champions: New Orleans Bandits (6-3) BBIV Champions: Key West Pirates (7-2) BBV Champions: Oklahoma City Thunderbirds (8-2) BBVI Champions: Las Vegas Warriors (8-2) BBVII Champions: Puerto Vallarta Sea Serpents (8-2) BBVIII Champions: Seattle 69ers (6-5) BBIX Champions: Metro Bengals (10-0) BBX Champions: Key West Pirates (9-1) BBXI Champions: Minneapolis Blue Jays (10-0)

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