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  • Atlantic Baseball League [ABL]

    The classic league is back! The Atlantic Baseball League is glad to bring back the good ol' baseball! Please join us and play our national pastime, our way. Website: http://ablr0bl0x.w33bly.c0m/ Teams: 1. Annapolis Knights - Sylori (C), DylanWhiteRCL, SuperSaiyan678, Cena54John, skylinejames [Home Stadium: Harbor Coast Stadium] 2. Atlantic City Blackjacks - shadow4x4x4 (C), SuperCamShiftedEm, HubHelms, AlejandroJugo [Home Stadium: Empire Field @ Jersey Gardens] 3. Dover Diamonds - LuckyRawlings1234, Tebrynj, N3wera, [Home Stadium: Mason-Dixon Ballpark] 4. Reading Clippers - jeffgordon2488, TheNoobyDoctor, sniperdiper13, [Home Stadium: Mason-Dixon Ballpark] 5. Riverhead Islanders - wwerockz3 (C), immuiba, NYShad, Duncxn, [Home Stadium: Empire Field @ Jersey Gardens] 6. Virginia Beach Tides - randyorton626 (C), CoreyKamamoto, StanGoobEm, TigerDubya, JoeThrowEm, Chopazzz, hockeyhero123 [Home Stadium: Harbor Coast Stadium]

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  • Dark Side Federation [DSF]

    This is the official DSF group! Follow us through here to catch the latest news, next dates for shows and everything in between! Join the #DSFArmy! Next Show: DSF Live: RE8PECT - TBD Champions: DSF World Heavyweight Champion - XG The Great [Prestige - 3.5/5] DSF Champion - Storm Trooper [Prestige - 3/5] DSF Intercontinental Champion - Shadrick Owens [Prestige - 4/5] DSF Television Champion - Zulu Nation [Prestige - 2.5/5] DSF World Tag Team Champions - Skinny Dinner (Scotto Columbo & Shadrick Owens) [Prestige - 3/5] DSF BASED Champion - Based Fkin Swear [Prestige - 3/5]

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  • [MWA] Midwest Wrestling Alliance

    Created by Randyorton626 Founded March 30th 2015 MWA is a RP wrestling fed, we are known as "RISE RP" and our style "Ro-Entertainment" we focus more on angles/stories and the wrestling matches are shorter than you see in most companies.It's what we're based off of, most of our wrestlers do it, so we ask that all wrestlers respect that. You have mostly all creativity in your character,theme, entrance, moves, etc. **OPEN TO IDEAS IF YOU AND THE OTHER(S) AGREE ON IT** Schedule: Wednesdays 7:30 EST Saturdays 9:30 EST [CHAMPIONSHIPS] - MWA Championship - Tiger Dubya earned 4/16/2016 [Defenses: ] - MWA Tag Team Championship - YVMD earned 5/21/2016 [Defenses: ] - MWA PURE Championship - VACATED [Defenses: ] - MWA Young Lions Championship - VACATED [Defenses: ]

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  • [RFL] Roblox Football League

    Season 10 Current Stage: Offseason Official League Thread: https://forum.roblox.com/Forum/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=189794398 Official RFL Media Thread: http://forum.roblox.com/Forum/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=186284430 Total League History: http://www.roblox.com/Forum/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=152951080 Final Bloxxer Bowl Champions: BBI Champions: Seattle 69ers (5-3) BBII Champions: Rochester Rapids (6-2) BBIII Champions: New Orleans Bandits (6-3) BBIV Champions: Key West Pirates (7-2) BBV Champions: Oklahoma City Thunderbirds (8-2) BBVI Champions: Las Vegas Warriors (8-2) BBVII Champions: Puerto Vallarta Sea Serpents (8-2) BBVIII Champions: Seattle 69ers (6-5) BBIX Champions: Metro Bengals (10-0) BBX Champions: Key West Pirates (9-1) BBXI Champions: Minneapolis Blue Jays (10-0) BBXII Champions: South Carolina Bulls (8-2)

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