Well, StuffLoveThings is an utter twit. He stole my stuff, made some of it public. Wow, and I didn't even do anything f'in wrong! He may say differently, but whatever he says, he never even spoke to me about how rude I apparantly am, which I believe I am not, and if he had done, then I would have stopped whatever it was I was doing... But no, being the real mature guy he is, he decided to give my games away to people. Seriously? Like a pathetic child. Read More

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  • Undead Entertainment

    Welcome to Undead Entertainment. Watch this space.

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  • GoAhead London

    *This group was created and founded on the 14th of May 2014* Welcome to GoAhead London, Roblox's Largest Bus Company; home of the most technologically advanced fleet in commercial operation on roblox. If you are interested then please join us today! ----------------------------------------------------------------- *WHEN JOINING YOU MUST READ THE FULL HANDBOOK BEFORE DRIVING!!!* ----------------------------------------------------------------- Training to become a PCV is DAILY at 7pm BST (Monday-Friday & Sunday) and 5pm BST (Saturday) ~ All times for the UK Training Place : London & South V6: London General Fleet (All Ranks): E200 Dart, E200 Dual, Optare Esteem, ALX400 & Gemini 3 London Central Fleet (PCV and above): Marshall Dart, Optare Tempo, Gemini 2, Wright Streetdeck & NB4L

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  • First Great Western

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  • Horizon Airlines

    'Widen your horizons' Relaunched 1 January 2016 Welcome to Horizon Airlines, a fictional London-based low-cost carrier. We are dedicated not only to providing the most realistic flight experience possible on ROBLOX, but also to creating a community of passionate aviation enthusiasts. IATA: HZA ICAO: HZ Callsign: HORIZONAIR Destinations [UK] London Reusford Airport [EGLR] - Hub & Technical Base [Ireland] Kerry Airport [EIKY] Fleet: 5x Boeing 737-300 10x A319-100SL [On order]

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