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  • The 06ers

    We are the Grand Veterans of ROBLOX. Whether our names be spaced,or underscored, or not, our epicness is large enough, to smite all others! Long live 2006! LONG, LIVE, ROBLOX!------------------- Any 05ers that join will be group admins. --------- Tags: 06 2006 06er 2005 05 05er 06ers veteran fan space underscored dot period two thousand six and the in a oh ha lol rofl zomg omg hax haxx admin mod 6 watch clan group one clawstrophobic america china japan epic :D

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  • Atheists of ROBLOX

    We are atheists. Being an atheist means we do not worship any god. This group is for scientific discussion and chat, not for insulting other beliefs. We don't mind religious people joining to pose a challenge against atheism with debates, but please keep in mind the verse Matthew 10:14, and therefore do not join if your intent is to preach. Post on the wall if you are Agnostic, Theist, or famous and would like to be ranked as such. This may take a couple tries, please be patient. These positions do not come with more power, they are just used to title our members more accurately. The rules of this group are detailed in the group place, Atheism. They're fairly standard (and none should be difficult to follow), but please check them if you have time.

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  • Madrak's Test Army

    Madrak's Test Army is a formalized group of users trying to test and find bugs in Roblox. Information in the MTA is communicated up the chain of command. Here are the four ranks: General, Major, Captain, Lieutenant. If you would like to help out, please find a Lieutenant to start contributing bug information to. If you do a good job at finding new bugs, you'll probably get promoted. Membership in the MTA is not guaranteed, and spamming/griefing will not be tolerated. Be sure to follow the rules of your Lieutenant or they will kick you out. To get involved with the group, visit one of our General's groups ( and start reporting bugs.

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  • _____{||||Class Fight On The Crossroads!||||}_____

    Classes: Drunken fighter Ninja Spartan Axe Warrior I will add more stuff later. Please leave ideas and suggestions in the comment section.

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