"Damned is the man, who abandons himself, These seven words show, That worse the situation is, never ever, Should a man consider it lost. -The Conditioned"



I am not a man to be judged by my words. i am a man to be judged by my actions. - Me 2014 XxlovergirlxX15's Giant! C:

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  • Warfare Community

    Warfare link below V ============================================================== Link to the new version being built below V You need an emblem to create a group so the current one is only temporary.

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  • ❁Hope Studios❁

    ❁Welcome to Hope Studios, A group where we do anything stuff. Music videos, Dance, Song writing, Plays, Even Games!❁ ❁Games❁ We do games like Guess that song, Laser tag, And practically anything you can think of! ❁Dance❁ We do routines to songs, Games, Competitions, And Other fun stuff! ❁Music Videos❁ I will be hiring and editor to edit music videos! We will try to have a music video out each month! ❁Song Writing❁ Don't be afraid to perform at our studio (Coming soon!) with the songs you have written! ❁You can be you here no one can tell you what to do❁ ❁Report any rude behavior to me so I can fix it ❁ ❁Have fun at Hope Studios!❁ !!!!We need an Editor for Thumbnails too!!!!

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  • Risk - European Conquest RP

    ^^^^^ No longer European, instead, WORLD-WIDE! If you joined for tools, ask an admin to promote you. If your account is shady and under around 100 days old, you will be instantly place to "Rejected"(most likely, unless you have a reason as to why you're using your alternative account) to prevent alts and "newbies" from doing any damage to the server. ty. (Also, keep in mind that Amnity is in charge of the updates for Risk.) ----------------------- Schedule(Best Server Times) : -Week days : 4-8 PM EST -Weekends : 3-7 PM EST -------------------------

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  • The League of ROBLOX

    This is the group to which all fans of League of ROBLOX belong! Here you will receive updates about the game and talk about it with like-minded individuals. My YouTube: My Twitter:

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  • :le bote: VIP Club

    Learn about and give your opinion on the latest news and updates for le bote.

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    I Poop alot so thank you for you're time :3

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