Gnair227 Car and Town Builder Sheriff of Winston County Owner of Winston County Former Director of the Union Bureau of Investigation (U.o.C) (Now Defunct) U.C.A.F. General Former Police Chief/Sheriff of many towns such as : Merryville, Third Town, FSSP,ISSP,FRSP,Marietta,as well as many other small towns and cities,etc. Former Minister of Security/Defense of: ISSP,FRSP, Marietta,etc. One of the first Roleplay Law Enforcement Officers in the 1950s RP town scene. Roblox's Most Seasoned Police Officer

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  • Winston County, Alabama, U.S.A.

    Winston County is a RP Community open to all. Set in rural Alabama, in 1975, Winston is the perfect place for people looking for a place to call home. There are many career and business opportunities available to the public. Becoming an active member of the community can get you ranked up, as well as other perks such as personalized cars and homes. We hope you will join us today! {WINSTON COUNTY MAP V3 IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION} {WINSTON COUNTY V2 IS OPEN TO PUBLIC BUT DATED} County Commissioner: Ferrari905 Sheriff: Gnair227 Started: 6/22/2010 There are two Winston maps, one is closed (12,541 visits) due to it being the original, the other is our currently opened one.

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      Sheriff Gnair

  • The Union Bureau of Investigation

    The official Union Bureau of Investigations Director of the UBI: gnair227 Current owner of the UBI until further notice: slowdork74 Guy who got the UBI bamboozled: brian498 Era: 1920s-1950s -GROUP STILL IN PROGRESS-

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  • The State of Carver

    - State of the Union of Columbia - The Genesis State State: Carver Nation: U.C. Government: Mayorship Anthem: This Majestic Land Motto: What Hath God Wrought? Year: 1930s-1950s Status: 9/2/09 Founded Constitution: Current Towns: Township of Amelia 1952[96%] Township of Smith 1958[Refurbishing] Capital of Stanton 1950[40%] Township of Kettling 1934[0%] Township of Dowling 1957[Refurbishing] City of Edgewater 1946[26%] City of New Bismark 1933[10%] Township of Pierce 1949[0%] Township of Lanai 1942[3%]

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      Police Department

  • Union of Columbia

    Welcome to the Original Union of Columbia =============================================== Government type: Republic Motto: Socii Stamus [Together We Stand] Anthem: Columbia, Gem of the Ocean Seal: Era: Mid-20th Century Foundation Day: December 1st 1776[2012] First town: Circa August 2009 Constitution: Coverage: 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s The Union of Columbia is a Nation uniting town makers. This is a group to loosely govern the states at a federal level and defend them from outside threats. We're one of the last bastions of the 20th Century American Community and we hope to keep on running in the years to come. States: Carver-Third448 Belmont-Evan50505 Montillado-Scrumby Marietta-Goodrice West-Noland01 Cooper-HarveyHarrison Stafford-Brian498 Founding States: Bethel-PaulCicero Reed-ThomasReedAngelo St.Paul-MikhailGorbachev Carver-Third448 Sunsets-Ginjik

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  • Winston County,Alabama: 1975

    Winston County, Alabama... A County in Northeastern Alabama filled with nice people and friendly neighbors. Please join us and move in today. The county is surrounded by 4 other counties(Fictional) (Dont exist on roblox) Sweetwater County, Hatchapee County, Osage County, and Chickasaw County.

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